My background ranges over decades of teaching Personal Development Classes and Workshops, as well as enjoying a passion for writing and intensive journaling.  

Through the decades, my writing journey has taken me to tertiary study where I learned the craft and the techniques of writing; I’ve bought endless books on the subject of writing and studied what to do and what not to do. Too, I have spent time exploring the Intensive Journal* process designed by Ira Progoff. Initially, I thought he didn’t understand journaling, however, after one week of intensive journaling (where I wrote from 9.00am – 5.00pm for five days straight), I knew that I had found an incredibly productive tool that would save my sanity and be with me for the rest of my life.

In 2014, I published my first collection. It contained short stories, blog pieces and extracts of novels. I titled it Unmasked as a way of affirming that I no longer wanted to be invisible as a writer. Maybe I should have called it naked. I felt very naked after sharing my stories and opinions with a wider public. Exposure is something that many writers struggle with. Sure, I wanted to be seen and affirmed as an author. But, as a secret-keeper for many decades, I found it challenging to share who I am with strangers. Every writer leaves part of themselves in every story. So, sharing those stories meant people would get to know the ‘real’ me. The ‘me’ that I was always nervous about sharing with others. I’ve grown since then. Leading memoir writing and life writing classes where I have bared my soul, warts and all, and re-shaped my perception of what it means to use writing to connect to the deepest part of my memory and transform trauma into healing.

I left a full time role in administration to pursue my dream of facilitating empowerment with those who wanted a better life for themselves. After I trained as a life Coach I realised I could combine my passion for writing with self-development. it was time to serve writers who struggle with their own ‘stories’ – beliefs that sabotage the best of intentions when pursuing dreams or goals in the writing field.

Over the years I have become fascinated by the concept of the stories we tell ourselves, the ones that form our perceptions of the world and become integral to our self talk.

Now, after thirty years and a few moments of blocked writing I have learned the one thing that will always carry me through those blocks; writing – because it connects me to who I am at the very deepest level of my being.

Oh, the usual info on where I live etc?
I live in Frankston, a satellite city south of Melbourne, Australia. I live with my youngest son and our cat, Jack. When I am not writing I walk, take long drives, dabble in editing, writing memoir and domestic time management.